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Our first robot CEO. Soon?

With technology ever moving forward, when we will see the first CEO of a company that is a robot. Think back 20 years to the time when there was no Facebook and Yahoo was a worthy competitor to Google. Those were the days when virtual reality was only a product of Hollywood screenwriters. Back then even an iPod was hard to imagine.

If we move forward with technology in the same pace, I have no doubt that we will soon see a company with a first robot CEO.

Automotive industry is changing

You may consider this article as blabbering for years we have already seen industries change. Especially automotive industry where vehicle assembly is left completely for the service of the machines. What it would take for as first robot CEO?

Assuming, that the AI is or soon will be able to choose the most productive processes of building a car, maybe even the design, humans would only be left as spectators, or for quality control at best. Let’s look at a different example from one hobby most of us enjoy, cards.

Poker is the new chess

poker and chess

There are many variants of poker, which has been recognized as a skill sport . The programs that have been developed are said to never be able to beat a human brain. But maybe it’s only the lack of our imagination?

Take Razz. Just like in other variants, the objective of Razz Poker is quite simple – use your observation skills, discipline and non-verbal story-telling abilities to either get the better hands to fold or worse hands to call. You can read more about various games online by clicking this link.

What is there so special what a computer brain could not simulate. Especially, if you take a live environment. Collecting data and seeing patterns is AIs main strength, as opposed to humans. We don’t notice and even when we do, we often interpret the information with a bias .

Thoughts as a doom and gloom

We’ve already discussed on the site how research and technological development influences businesses. Please don’t take our thoughts as a doom and gloom prediction. Whether the development of AI will be a salvation to humanity or the end, we are yet to see.

In fact, seeing all the progress in the positive light is the only way to go. Possibilities are endless. We are living in a time when it’s possible to say that we could be a generation that could live forever. And it doesn’t even sound like it’s stretching it very far.


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